• IX-FMT MCSV3 INXA Factory Material Transportation
  • System Architecture

IX-FMT MCS可进行设备实时登录并设定路径连接,通过Web基础上的Easy to view可进行拥堵、不合理、Capa.等分析报告,以Web Push方式进行实时Monitoring。
而且采用用户便利的GUI方式实时支持Zoom in-out,对调配的主题支持和多国语言基本支持。(CN, US, JP, KR)
MCS Server以 HA(High Availability) Solution为基础,由实时Patch及Update等无停止System构成。

  • Features and Benefits

Reference information

Equipment Information(On/Offline, Process status, Zone status)
Port (Vehicle) & Unit Information (Full, Empty, Reserved, etc.)
Port status management (Full, Empty, Loading Reserved)
Carrier Information (Product, Test, Dummy, Location, etc.)

Machine / Unit

Equipment Interface support(SECS, HSMS, E82, E88)
Machine status and port status management In-Equipment, Material Management

DAO (Data Access Object)

Managing Database Sources and Connection Pools
Support for creating, modifying, and deleting databases
Database and Object Linkage Support (ORM)


Inventory requests periodically
Check periodic transfer status

  • AMHS Configuration