INXA T&D grows into a global automation company based on the constant
development of automation technologies and customer trust through the best quality.

With the presentation of the new vision in 2018, INXA T&D,with the world’s highest
manufacturing infrastructure, is now continuing its vigorous steps as a GLOBAL company.

We want to visualize the performance and reliability of the product
so that it can be harmonized with the brand of the company
in the design of the product.


Company that pursues world-class Quality, Performance and Design
Company holding world-class Manufacturing infrastructure and competitiveness
Company that wants to work with everyone


Securing performance of Semiconductor and Display AMHS at a Global level
- Developing innovative technologies to meet the needs of global companies
- Achieving performance through technological innovation driven to the field force

Product design fitting to the corporate image
- Seeking intuitiveness of system through user-oriented design
- Providing unified corporate image through product designs


Honesty and sincerity
Mutual trust and respect
Collaborative culture through open communication
Security of Customer’s information

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