Type of talent

  • Professionalism

A person who is responsible for innovation and creative thinking.

  • Harmony

Talent who values communication and harmony, respects each other, and works with respect.

  • Passion

Talent who works toward the best in the world with unremitting enthusiasm and leading attitude.

Personnel system reflecting appropriate treatment and compensation according to professional skills improvement and job performance level

  • Position system: Employee – Delegate – Chief – Assistant Director – Director – Executive
  • Performance bonus system: Performance bonus benefits based on organizational and individual contribution based on performance
  • Legal benefits system: year-end performance pay (performance payment based on performance each year), support for light surveys (light aid, light relief leave)
  • Recruitment procedure

Application application, document type, interview, final acceptance

  • Submission document

job application form
Certificate of graduation (final education)
Language transcripts, certificates, etc. (for the holder only)

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