Ethics Management

INXA T&D, where people and technology coexist,” is to be promulgated in 2018 [INXA T&D Code of Ethics] and to lay the foundation for transparent management and ethical management to continue to implement it.

  • Charter of Ethics

In order to become a company that pursues customer value management by providing the best products and services based on people and technology, and performs social responsibility through fair and transparent corporate management, INXA T&D intends to establish the ethics charter and code of ethics as follows and make it the standard of correct behavior and value judgment by all employees.

One, we take customer satisfaction as the value of priority and pursue customer value management with the best quality and service.
One, we observe all laws and social ethics in business activities and practice degree management that is faithful to principles and basics.
One, we raise individual dignity and company honor based on honesty and sincerity, and do not leak or misuse trade secrets.
In order to achieve the goals and values pursued by the company, we strive to develop ourselves so that we can faithfully perform our duties on an ethical basis, respect each other, and be the best in our respective duties.

  • Code of Ethics

Chapter 1) Customer Satisfaction

Customer respect
•Keep in mind that customers are a source of corporate growth and development, and make “customer satisfaction” the highest value of business activities.
•We strive to collect diverse opinions from customers and protect their interests so that they can be trusted by customers.
•Respecting the dignity and value of customers and giving priority to customer satisfaction in all decision making.

Customer protection
•It does not infringe on customers’ interests by unethical business activities or illegal activities.
•The information related to the customer is not disclosed or used for any other purpose than work.

Customer reception
•Respond quickly and accurately to a customer’s needs and keep the promise with the customer.

Chapter 2) Precision management

Proper management
•It conducts sound and sincere business activities based on fair and transparent management and thoroughly complies with all laws, norms and basic order.
•To compete freely and fairly in a just way and not profit in a dishonest way that is beyond the bounds of the superior.

Compliance with the Code
•The medical institution fulfills its duty as a good manager in all business activities and performance and complies with relevant laws and internal regulations.
•Do not infringe on the interests of customers or cause losses of the company by misconduct or unjust conduct.

Chapter 3) Organizational Culture

Information Protection
•It recognizes that customer information is an essential element of corporate survival and actively protects it.
•Do your best to manage the information assets paid by the company or generated during the course of performing the work and do not use them outside of the business purpose or to release them to the outside world on purpose or through negligence.
•Familiarize yourself with and practice laws and regulations on information protection and do not use the company’s information system without due authority.

•We faithfully carries out his duties with a sense of mission and creativity and completes our duties quickly and accurately.
•Maintaining a clean lifestyle and faithfully complying with the company’s service regulations.
•Work hard to integrate with fellow employees and do your best to cooperate with other departments.
•Keep the right words and manners so as not to cause trouble in society or damage the reputation of the company.
•Classification of construction projects and prohibition of cheating
•The construction work is clearly divided and not self-interested using one’s position.
•It does not use corporate inheritance or intangible assets for private purposes.
•Do not cheat in any way by accepting direct or indirect gifts, favors, convenience or entertainment from stakeholders.

A relationship with a company
•No direct or indirect money transactions and gifts, no money or entertainment.
•The company shall not engage in any form of misconduct, such as self-interest or damage to the trading vessel, by using its position or function.
•Work together to create a transparent trading climate and maintain a clean trading order.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is prohibited.
•Never engage in sexual harassment by exploiting your position in the workplace, giving employment disadvantages to other members in connection with your work, or causing sexual humiliation.
•Respect the members of an organization as an equal person regardless of gender and take preventive measures thoroughly to prevent any form of sexual discrimination or sexual harassment from occurring.

Chapter 4) Duty of Compliance

•All employees are obliged to faithfully comply with this Code of Ethics and, in the event of a breach, are liable for such actions.
•If an act violates the code of ethics occurs, it should thoroughly determine the cause while preventing the recurrence through education.
•If an act that violates the Code of Ethics is forced or recognized, it shall be reported to the management team.

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