INXA T&D, striking to be a global company by aiming future technology beyond present technology

Dear customers,
INXA TECHNOLOGY & DESIGN CO., LTD thanks everyone for visiting us, and always wish happiness and health.

INXA T&D, with field experience background and accumulated technology on Clean AMHS for the last 20 years,
We will be reevaluating our existing technologies and strive to become a global company with a clearer and more advanced technology.

We will develop ourselves as a global first-class company by securing technological competitiveness with innovative automation core technology and strengthening manufacturing competitiveness innovatively.

We are also consistently working our best to establish a corporate culture of “law observance” with the base on fairness and transparency of our corporate management.

We once again appreciate everyone who gave interests and unwavering support. Now and forever, All INXA T&D employees will make every effort for the benefit of our customers.

Thank you.

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