As a clean AMHS(Automated Material Handling System) Total Solution Provider, INXA T&D is a global automation company based on Semi Standard

INXA T&D is a global automation company that has expanded its business area by securing global competitiveness in the development of automated equipment and products through its own proprietary technology.

  • Semiconductor AMHS

INXA T&D is producing Semi AMHS OHT(Overhead Hoist Transport) and Stocker System.
We are responding to Handling System that applies Ring Cassette, Magazine and JDEC Tray for Back end Fab,
SMIF POD for 200mm (8”) for 300mm (12″) for main Fab.
We provide consulting services for optimizing and maximizing efficiency of specific processes
(Automated application of existing factory and Bumping process, etc.)

  • Display AMHS

With 20 years of working experience, automation in the display sector, such as TFT-LCD and OLED,
is focusing most on reliable system implementation.
We are responding to the entire generation of automation systems for displays from 200Kg to 2000kg of Payload,
including 5G, 6G, 8.5G, and 10G.
The system is equipped with a return system suitable for large CST such as Stocker, OHS, OHT, and OHCV for Cassette.

  • Smart Factory Automation System
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